November 22, 2009

My First Award!!!

Hi hi hi.. I've got my first award. Thank you for Tata and Angi who giving me this award (yeah, I've got this award from 2 person). The rules of this award is so simple, state 7 things about yourself and pass it to 7 people. Ok, lets start:

1. I looooooooooooooooove to read. But since I've got a child, I just can read in the midnight T_T
2. I'm addicted to J-Drama. I think it has a good and story and not have a loooong episode.
3. I don't like grape fruit.
4. I'm a mom of two son, but my second son has passed away when he was born.
5. My obsession now is make a birthday cake for my boy's 2nd birthday in next May. So I have to learn about baking since now (because I can't baking at all!!!)
6. I'm an accountant, I think I'm good in manage my company's money, but why I'm not good in managing my own money..? (huhuhu, I can't help for not buying a cute stuff)
7. mmmm what else for the last... o, My favorite artist is the talented and beautiful Kate Winslet.

Ok, now I have to give this award for 7 people. But since I am new in blogging, and almost all of my friends has this award so I think it will less of 7. Ok, here they are:

1. Vanny at SHAVA's open kitchen
2. Vivi at mommy cakes
3. Yulia at maki cakes
4. Cakuli
5. Rhien at dapur kue



  1. You deserve Mbak Wani :D. So sorry for your second son, I believe He toke him from you for He loves him :D

  2. Hey Wani, You are so awesome I've got another one for ya! Come on over to my page and pick it up!

  3. Hai Tata... Thank you so much. Yes, I hope my son always happy and being loved by God..

  4. Hay Angi, another award? You are so kind.. Honestly, I've got *bento blue* this week, that's why I don't have a new bento post this week. I hope with this award, my *bento blue* will go away... XD