November 18, 2009

I love u pooh

I made snack bento this morning. Honestly, I just want to eat chocolate (cha cha). But it's not good in a bento box, right? So I cut the bread into pooh face with my cutter, give a margarin, and toast it for a while. I add chocolate jam for the eyes and mouths. I made a love shape from sliced cheese. I think the result is not really bad ;D

Little dissapointed with the photo. It's a rainy season now, and cloudy this morning. So I can't get a good light.. But it's okay, hope tomorrow will be the sunny day because I have some idea to make bento again ;D


  1. You did the Pooh, great! Yes, because of the rainy season we don't have a lot of light to get clear picture ... same with me :o)

  2. Hi Lia.. usually, the photograph session is in my kitchen because I can get so much light there. But today, I have to move to dining room, living room, but still can get the good light, hiks..