December 19, 2012

Back From Hiatus

Hola, halo, heihooo... :)

O my God, it's been so long I don't post anything to my blog. It's so hard to make a bento when you have to go to work at 6.30am. I know it's not an excuse (because some mother out there have to go to work earlier than me and still can make a bento for her kids). But my son has a catering at his school, so I don't have to worry about his lunch, hehe..

But, sometimes I miss this bentoing things. So when I got some spare time, I look at my bento stuff, clean them, store them again. My hiatus from bentoing also doesn't stop me to buy bento stuffs and books, hihi, it's hard to see a cute things, right. So when my mood in bentoing comes, I can use that stuffs :)

One day, my son said that he want me to make him a bento. So I get up earlier at that morning and make a bento for him. I used my new panda mold, just an ordinary veggies: boiled carrot, and spinach+minced meat stir fried and put some nugget. To add more panda effect, I stick some panda food picks. Really, the mold and food picks help a lot if you want to make a cute bento with no much time.

Thank you for reading my post and sorry for bad picture.
Have a nice day everyone! :)    

May 18, 2010

Farrel's Goodie bag Bento

Hi everyone, finally I can post this goodie bag bento. Remember my latest post about how to make a tigger? huft, forget about it, in the last minute, I'm too tired to make it. Even the "egg quail pigglet wannabe" have to be satisfied for being just "a pink quail egg". With no nanny on Sunday, I have to cut the veggies (with the assist of my Brother in Law+my husband), make a yellow rice. Boiled the veggies, etc, etc.

Back to the Bento. This year themes is Winnie The Pooh. Not because my son like Winnie the Pooh BUT I do like Winnie the Pooh ;) Beside that, Winnie the Pooh have the right color to celebrate birthday. For your infomation, in Indonesia we have a special rice to celebrate something. It is called "Nasi Kuning" or Yellow rice. The "Nasi Kuning" made of turmeric + rice + coconut milk. We have a special side dish to eat "Nasi Kuning". But maybe Tata can explain it to you ;) , because I'm not too familiar with it.

But for the Bento, I just put something simple for the side dish. As you can see, there is boiled corn, sausage and egg flower, meatball, chicken nugget boiled egg quail, and carrot+broccoly that I stir fry. Here is the picture

Beside the bento, I order some Winnie the pooh cookies. I lent my cookie cutter so she can make the cookies just like I want. Here is the picture.

May 14, 2010

Keroppi Bento

Today Bento's theme is Keroppi. Nothing story behind the Bento, I just want to make a smooth egg sheet like tips from Lia Chen. And it worked, Yeaaaay!!! I make the flower from sausage and egg sheet, and put the carrot, cauliflower and baby carrot for the veggies. I'm very satisfied with this bento, because this is a cuttest bento I ever made, hehehe..

My Son's Birthday is today. Honestly, I want to make an example for his birthday bento. But, I'm too tired. So, lets hope for the magic so tomorrow everything will be ok ;) Happy 2nd Birthday Son, We Love U, mmuach!!

May 12, 2010

Need some idea please..

Hi everyone, I need some advice.. My son will be 2 y.o on May 14th. So I and my husband want to make a little celebration. We will give a bento to my son's friends in our neighborhood. After thinking a lot, we decide to make a Pooh themes.

So I will make a yellow rice for the Pooh and quail egg that I soak in pink food coloring to make a piglet, and some cookies with Pooh Shape (I use my cookie cutter). At first, I satisfied with the idea. But then I think, where is tigger? I want him to be included so we have a complete Pooh family. But I dont know how to make a simply Tigger. Is anyone have the idea please..? Because I have no idea..

Thank you friends..

Have a long week end for people in Indonesia (Yeayyyy!!!) And Have a nice day for all of you..

May 10, 2010

My Birthday Bento

Today is my birthday, hohoho.. I'm 26 y.o now. So I think in my new age, I wanna give a present for my self. Yup, I make a bento. I think that's that the best present, give my self more time to do my hobby.

Thinking, thinking, thinking, "Woooow, this is my first bento on 2010!!!" And than I checked for all my tools to keep it clean, and I found that I had lost 3 cutters, poor me.. But, forget about that, dont wanna make me sad on my birthday. Nothing special in this bento, just an egg fried rice with veggies on the side. I have baby corn, broccoli, and carrot. I add some sausage to give me more protein ;)

As initial of my birthday, I make a word "happy birthday" from cheese which i cut with my alphabet cutter.

My wish list in my new age:
- Being better mom, wife, daughter, and sister ;)
- More close to God
- Having more time to do my hobby
- Success for my small business
- Reduce my weight (please God... ;p)
- Happiness for all of people around the world

God bless u all

March 11, 2010

Hello everyone

Ho ho ho... It has been a loooong time I never visit my blog. About 3 months? huft, huft, really really miss to post something. But I have no idea what to post, haha... So, I think I want to write about my secret plan ;)

I plan to make a business. No..not a biiiiig business, just small business which no need much money to invest. It's about craft thing. I decide to make this business because I'm tired of being a working mother. Not because the work make me tired, but because I have to leave my child at home just with his nanny. So I want to make my own business that I can handle at home. But, I need to settle up my business first, so I dont have a worry about our financial ;) So please, please, please.... give me a support, because I need it a lot.

ups, those are my husband and son..

enjoy weekend everyone...

December 29, 2009

Pooh sandwich bento and Happy New Year

Hi, hi, hi.. how was ur holiday? Mine, so great. Not because I go to a fantastic place or what, but because I can really-really enjoy my time on that holiday. I went to bookstore, bought a couple of book, and read it in the midnight, no need to worry about work tomorrow, haha!!

Beside that, I can play with my son all the time. We play soccer inside the house, and make some messy in the living room. And I think both of us really enjoy that time.

Ok back to business ;D My bento today is really a simple bento. I just take my son's chicken finger ;p and roll it with the bread. Not forget to put some lettuce inside. For the garnish, I cut the carrot into pooh shape. And I put the sauce in the food cup.

I think it will be my last post in this year. Hope all of us will be happy and full of love next year. Happy new Year everybody..