March 11, 2010

Hello everyone

Ho ho ho... It has been a loooong time I never visit my blog. About 3 months? huft, huft, really really miss to post something. But I have no idea what to post, haha... So, I think I want to write about my secret plan ;)

I plan to make a business. No..not a biiiiig business, just small business which no need much money to invest. It's about craft thing. I decide to make this business because I'm tired of being a working mother. Not because the work make me tired, but because I have to leave my child at home just with his nanny. So I want to make my own business that I can handle at home. But, I need to settle up my business first, so I dont have a worry about our financial ;) So please, please, please.... give me a support, because I need it a lot.

ups, those are my husband and son..

enjoy weekend everyone...