November 19, 2009

4 season bento

When I made this bento, I want to make bento which represent the seasons. So I choose something that can reprsent each season. So here it is:
- snowman to represent a winter
- chicken teriyaki to represent autumn (because the color is chocolate ;p)
- steamed potato to represent spring (I hope it look like flower :D)
- steamed carrot to represent summer

I'm very happy today is not cloudy so I can have enough light to take a picture.


  1. Great idea on 4 seasons bento :o)

  2. Hi Mbak Wani, thanks for the link. I linked back yours to mine :D. Cool bento blog, love your bento creations. Btw, you got an award on my blog. Just pick it up! :D

  3. I have an award for you... come on by and pick it up!

    I'm sorry I don't know how to do the hyperlink.

  4. @ Lia: thank you Lia..

    @ Tata: I love your creation too Tata. Great bento, yummy recipe, and cool photography, huhuhu... Wow, it's my first award, thank you Tata...

    @ Angi: Thank you Angi, I will visit soon, thank you so much!! Mmmuaachh... :oD