December 08, 2009

My second award and a story..

Hi hi hi all.. i've got my second award from Angi. Really-really glad with this award. Because being a mother is really fun, right? (forget about changing a diaper and wake up in the midnight ;p). Thank you Angi for passing this award to me.. I love U full, hehe (it's a statement of one Indonesian artist).

Ok, back to business, really-really sorry that I can't update my blog. I really busy these weeks. You know, end of year is a busy time for people who working in a finance, so I dont have much time to update my blog.

What about in home? Ugh, my son's nanny is taking permit in these 2 weeks because her son having wedding ceremony. So when I wake up in the morning, I have to take care of my son, feeding him and etc. And I dont know why, in these two weeks my son always wake up when I wake up too. So I can't doing anything beside play with him. That's why I didn't make any bento.. T_T

But I have new project, hoho.. I made bento from feltl!! Yeah, I can do this in the night when my son has asleep. But it's not finish yet, so I can't show to you ;p Just enjoy my old project..

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  1. Congrats Wani for the award ... you are one happy mama. Your felt work is cute! Can't wait to see your bento felt, must be super cute (^.^)