December 29, 2009

Pooh sandwich bento and Happy New Year

Hi, hi, hi.. how was ur holiday? Mine, so great. Not because I go to a fantastic place or what, but because I can really-really enjoy my time on that holiday. I went to bookstore, bought a couple of book, and read it in the midnight, no need to worry about work tomorrow, haha!!

Beside that, I can play with my son all the time. We play soccer inside the house, and make some messy in the living room. And I think both of us really enjoy that time.

Ok back to business ;D My bento today is really a simple bento. I just take my son's chicken finger ;p and roll it with the bread. Not forget to put some lettuce inside. For the garnish, I cut the carrot into pooh shape. And I put the sauce in the food cup.

I think it will be my last post in this year. Hope all of us will be happy and full of love next year. Happy new Year everybody..

December 09, 2009

Macaroni Schotel

Hohoho.. my son got asleep early last night. So I have a time to make something in my kithcen. When I look my recipe folder (yeah, I have folder with a lot of recipe that I print from internet), and then I look my refrigerator, I think I can make Macaroni Schottel. I take the recipe from Mbak Vanny's blog. Actually she is my neighbour, I just have to walk 2 minutes to go to her house.

Back to recipe, I change all of bolognase souce ingredients with instant 4 tbsp bolognase souce + 1 can (120 g) corned beef + sliced of half yellow onion + 1 tbsp margarine. I'm a really a practical chef, haha..

In my case, I've got 8 personal cup from the recipe. I ate 1 cup last night and 1 cup in the morning. My hubby had 1 cup this morning. And I bring 3 cups for my mate in the office, hope they will like it..

December 08, 2009

My second award and a story..

Hi hi hi all.. i've got my second award from Angi. Really-really glad with this award. Because being a mother is really fun, right? (forget about changing a diaper and wake up in the midnight ;p). Thank you Angi for passing this award to me.. I love U full, hehe (it's a statement of one Indonesian artist).

Ok, back to business, really-really sorry that I can't update my blog. I really busy these weeks. You know, end of year is a busy time for people who working in a finance, so I dont have much time to update my blog.

What about in home? Ugh, my son's nanny is taking permit in these 2 weeks because her son having wedding ceremony. So when I wake up in the morning, I have to take care of my son, feeding him and etc. And I dont know why, in these two weeks my son always wake up when I wake up too. So I can't doing anything beside play with him. That's why I didn't make any bento.. T_T

But I have new project, hoho.. I made bento from feltl!! Yeah, I can do this in the night when my son has asleep. But it's not finish yet, so I can't show to you ;p Just enjoy my old project..