May 10, 2010

My Birthday Bento

Today is my birthday, hohoho.. I'm 26 y.o now. So I think in my new age, I wanna give a present for my self. Yup, I make a bento. I think that's that the best present, give my self more time to do my hobby.

Thinking, thinking, thinking, "Woooow, this is my first bento on 2010!!!" And than I checked for all my tools to keep it clean, and I found that I had lost 3 cutters, poor me.. But, forget about that, dont wanna make me sad on my birthday. Nothing special in this bento, just an egg fried rice with veggies on the side. I have baby corn, broccoli, and carrot. I add some sausage to give me more protein ;)

As initial of my birthday, I make a word "happy birthday" from cheese which i cut with my alphabet cutter.

My wish list in my new age:
- Being better mom, wife, daughter, and sister ;)
- More close to God
- Having more time to do my hobby
- Success for my small business
- Reduce my weight (please God... ;p)
- Happiness for all of people around the world

God bless u all


  1. Wish you a happiest birthday Wani! Hope all your wishes in your wish list are coming true. Very nice bento to celebrate your special day :)

  2. Thank you so much Lia for your nice comment..

  3. Happy birthday mbak...wish u all the best ^^

  4. Happy Birthday Wani!!! Nice to see you and I hope you get all your birthday wishes :)

  5. Thank you Angi, nice to see you too. Really miss my bento blog friend ;)

  6. Hey, wish you Happy Birthday! A bit late though :)
    May all your dreams come true!

  7. Happy belated B'Day Mbak Wani... Hope success and happiness for every aspect of your life :D. My warmest hugs :D

  8. hai, salam kenal.
    nice to read ur blog :)

  9. Makasi Tata.. (hug hug Tata mpe sesek napas ;p )

  10. Halo mbak, salam kenal juga.. Hehe, aku juga suka mampir ke blognya Mbak kok ;)