May 12, 2010

Need some idea please..

Hi everyone, I need some advice.. My son will be 2 y.o on May 14th. So I and my husband want to make a little celebration. We will give a bento to my son's friends in our neighborhood. After thinking a lot, we decide to make a Pooh themes.

So I will make a yellow rice for the Pooh and quail egg that I soak in pink food coloring to make a piglet, and some cookies with Pooh Shape (I use my cookie cutter). At first, I satisfied with the idea. But then I think, where is tigger? I want him to be included so we have a complete Pooh family. But I dont know how to make a simply Tigger. Is anyone have the idea please..? Because I have no idea..

Thank you friends..

Have a long week end for people in Indonesia (Yeayyyy!!!) And Have a nice day for all of you..


  1. kalo dari egg sheet+nori gimana mbak?

  2. Iya Syl, tadi udah browsing2. Dan kayaknya itu emang yang paling memungkinkan. Ntar rencananya kulitnya dari egg shet, wajahnya dari keju aja. Item2nya dari Nori. Thanks ya Syl sarannya. Amat sangat membantu ;)

  3. hehehe...sama-sama mbak... :)