December 19, 2012

Back From Hiatus

Hola, halo, heihooo... :)

O my God, it's been so long I don't post anything to my blog. It's so hard to make a bento when you have to go to work at 6.30am. I know it's not an excuse (because some mother out there have to go to work earlier than me and still can make a bento for her kids). But my son has a catering at his school, so I don't have to worry about his lunch, hehe..

But, sometimes I miss this bentoing things. So when I got some spare time, I look at my bento stuff, clean them, store them again. My hiatus from bentoing also doesn't stop me to buy bento stuffs and books, hihi, it's hard to see a cute things, right. So when my mood in bentoing comes, I can use that stuffs :)

One day, my son said that he want me to make him a bento. So I get up earlier at that morning and make a bento for him. I used my new panda mold, just an ordinary veggies: boiled carrot, and spinach+minced meat stir fried and put some nugget. To add more panda effect, I stick some panda food picks. Really, the mold and food picks help a lot if you want to make a cute bento with no much time.

Thank you for reading my post and sorry for bad picture.
Have a nice day everyone! :)    

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